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The Bitch Of Bombay

The bitch of Bombay, was the name,
By which she was reknown,
But he loved her with honesty,
Though he knew the known,

He was warned by half the world,
About the path he was heading,
But he ignored all rumors,
For the faith he was having,

She never loved him in real,
He was just a wall to back on,
She had planned to stay,
As long as easy and then be gone,

He surely doubted she may hurt,
But as much was blind in love,
He was aware of the fire,
But he couldn’t disgrace his love,

He asked one day, ‘Say, O Love,
Shall you marry me now?’
For the days have become sad,
And nights unworthy now,’

Shaken and alarmed she was,
Touch was fine but marriage not,
She had hoped to gain wealth,
And a proposal was all she got,

‘For sure we will tie the knot,
The next day that comes,’ she said,
Glad at the acceptance he,
Took her home to show all he had,

Blind by greed, bedazzled she,
When saw his gold, made a plan,
She seduced him until night,
So she could stay there, then,

He loved Bombay and the bitch,
So wanted to go back to city,
Now the marriage was designed,
And then journey to his city,

At night, he went to sleep to dream,
And she stayed awake to work,
Work was to collect the loot,
And run away before the sun jerked,

His plans failed, hers did not,
She killed him, she lived a lot,
Leaving him with dagger and blood,
She ran away with all she got,

To another city, to another man,
To seduce, to loot and gain pity,
To remain a bitch and be known thus,
To defame some sweeter city.


One response to “The Bitch Of Bombay

  1. Arjumand Shett ⋅

    This one really brings thorns to my skin evry damn time.

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