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If I Were Death

Chants and rants of me being
               Your life, your love, your breath,
I hear very often these days,
More often than the temple bells.
Who is averse to life? Honestly!
             Shall not one love the color
The fragrance of living?
             My dear woman, what new is in it,
If you love me as life?
But love if such be
That you embrace me in my worst flow,
                  Disown I will all world’s wealth,
                  Abandon I will all matters of relation,
             If you prepare to love me
Even if I were death!


(First published in Brown Critique Journal)


2 responses to “If I Were Death

  1. Sufyan ⋅

    Great !!!

  2. Arjumand Shett ⋅

    I swear I would love ya even if you were death.

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